Chrylser opens up online store, including Dodge, Jeep and Ram

Much in the same vein as The Ford Collection, Chrysler opened up their own online store yesterday, including separate sites for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram.  In addition to t-shirts, mugs, you can buy a Chrysler-branded cigar humidor, Dodge Challenger die-cast model set, Jeep wine stopper and a Ram-branded Casio G-Shock watch.  There are plenty of branded items there to show off your love for your favorite Chrysler brand, but where is the “Fiat Collection” web site?

Each store has its own identity; the Chrysler store is more luxury-oriented, with the humidor and high-end sunglasses.  The Dodge store is more aggressive, with loud, bright shirts and apparel.  Jeep’s store has a Padagonia influence with lots of outdoorsy-type merchandise, while Ram’s store is definitely work-oriented, with work gloves and Leathermans for sale.  It looks like Chrysler’s marketing department at least understands their brands’ core audience, and I wish them well.  For one thing, it makes it easier to find stuff related to your vehicle, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find a simple keychain on any of the four sites.

Here are some items from the four web sites:

by John Suit

Source: Chrysler


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