Update: Japan orders Toyota to investigate Prius brake problems

Automotive News is reporting that the Japanese Ministry of Transportation has ordered Toyota to look into customer complaints about the brakes on its third-generation Prius model, which went on sale in 2009 as a 2010 model.  There are over 100 complaints worldwide, at least two of which caused injuries to American drivers.

The issue stems from a lack of braking rather than gas pedals and acceleration, and seems to be most problematic on bumpy roads, where drivers report that pressing the brake pedal is ineffective.  One woman injured her neck when her brakes didn’t slow her car, causing her to collide with another vehicle.  Another driver reported that, “While braking, if I hit potholes, the car speeds up from loss of braking action, even thou (sic) I am still pushing on the brake pedal.”

Look for Toyota to make a statement later this week or early next week, before their House committee hearing on February 10th, where Toyota North American president Yoshi Inada will go before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

by John Suit

Source: Automotive News


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