New Mercedes SLS AMG drives upside down!?

Mercedes-Benz has long been known for well-crafted automobiles.  Their AMG division is well-known for taking those automobiles and upping the ante, both in performance and looks.  For the first time, AMG has designed a car from the ground up, and it’s called the SLS AMG.  With gullwing doors like the classic MB 300SL Gullwing of the past and a modern drivetrain, the SLS AMG looks to be a super fast, great-looking car.

The question with a car like this, in today’s media-rich environment, is how to market the car?  Mercedes-Benz got famed race car driver Michael Schumacher to drive an SLS AMG through a tunnel.  The trick is that he didn’t stay on the tunnel’s road surface.  Instead, he drove up a ramp to the ceiling of the tunnel and back down before exiting.  How is this possible?  It might not be – it could be a video-editing trick – but MB says the aerodynamics of the SLS AMG are such that the drive could be possible.  Either way, it’s a neat video to watch.  Skip to 2:10 in the first video to see the drive, but watch the whole video for some under-the-hood scenes.  The second video features the tunnel trick, and is more of a promotional video than the first.

by John Suit

Source: YouTube via AutoBlog; Image Source: Mercedes-Benz


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