Honda CRX reborn? Honda unveils production-ready CR-Z

In the 1980’s, Honda had a cult following for its Civic CRX hatchback.  The CRX was light, nimble, had decent power, and was good on gas.  Fast forward to 2010, and Honda’s trying to reclaim the CRX’s popularity, with the 2011 Honda CR-Z.

The 2011 CR-Z is a hybrid hatchback that Honda says will show that inexpensive, hybrid and performance are all things which can describe one car.  Rather than settings the focus on aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, Honda infused the CR-Z with lots of style and design, invoking memories of the CRX, but modernizing it at the same time.

A selector gives the driver a choice between Sport, Normal and Economy modes.  Sport mode increases performance, sacrificing efficiency, while Economy goes the other way.  Normal mode combines the two extremes.  EPA estimates are 31 city and 37 highway MPG, which falls between the most regular gas-engined cars and current hybrids.

If the right performance and driving dynamics are present when the CR-Z hits showrooms this summer, Honda will have a hot seller on its hands, bringing back fond memories for drivers who remember (or still have) a CRX.

by John Suit

Source: Honda; Image Source: AutoBlog


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  • I’m really looking forward to this new Honda. I just purchased the Honda Insight 2010 LX two months ago, and just love it. It’s so fun to drive, and I only have to fill up about every 350 miles (approx 9.1 gal or 87 to fill-up @ about $25). The ECON mode button also teaches me how to be a better driver (also known as hypermiling).

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