New-Car Pricing and Engine: 2011 BMW 740i and 740li

With all the talk of increased fuel economy and smaller engines making more and more power, it’s no surprise that BMW is bringing a 6-cylinder engine back to its 7-Series car for 2011.  Available currently with only V8 or V12 power, the new 740i and 740li are the first 7-Series cars to feature a 6-cylinder engine since 1995 if my research is to be believed (let me know if I missed something).  The engine will be familiar to BMW fanatics and owners of 2008-2010 BMW 335 and 535 cars, as it’s a slightly more powerful variant of the twin-turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine used in them.

So what’s all this going to cost? Including an $875 destination charge, the 740i will have a starting price of $71,025, while the 740li long wheelbase sedan will start at $75,425.  Considering that the 2010 BMW 750i starts at $82,000, the new 740i and 740li will make the 7-Series available to more buyers, which is definitely a good thing in our current economic state.

by John Suit

Source: BMW


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