Hot Car: Ford Fusion wins Motor Trend's COTY award

Every year, Motor Trend announces its Car Of The Year (COTY), the car they think is the best car on the new-car market that year.  Recent winners include Nissan’s GT-R (2009), Cadillac’s CTS (2008), Toyota’s Camry (2007) and Honda’s Civic (2006).

This year, it’s the 2010 Ford Fusion.

Other than the Cadillac CTS in 2008, foreign manufacturers have been winning the COTY for the last several years, and Ford hasn’t had a win since 2002’s Thunderbird, the sales of which dropped off so precipitously that Ford discontinued it in 2005.  This year’s win shows that at least one of the Detroit 3 has its priorities back in line with what American drivers want.  While it is still outsold by Honda and Toyota with their Accord and Camry, respectively, the Fusion has already broken its yearly sales record, with 2 more months left to go.  This is a very good sign for the Detroit 3, specifically Ford, and could lead to even more sales, as public awards such as this one tend to drive more people to dealerships for test drives.

Look for a review of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid on Road Reality in the next couple of weeks.  You can follow us on Twitter to get updates of the newest posts.

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by John Suit

Photo Source: Motor Trend


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