Buying a Car, the Easy way; Step 4

Step 4: Narrow down the Short List to your favorite car

Using your list of nonnegotiable features, your Short List and test drive memories (as well as notes), take the time to consciously narrow down the cars you test drove, from the original Short List you started with, down to the one you want to buy.  When you put it on paper, in the form of a Pro/Con list, it usually makes this step very easy.  If you’re having trouble eliminating a car, or figuring out which of two cars you prefer, take another test drive of each.  Remember, buying a car is not a decision you want to rush.  Think of the little things, like how difficult it could be to clean (if you’re a do-it-yourselfer), or how wide it is (if you have a narrower garage).  Picture yourself driving it during your normal rounds, and whether or not a particular car would work well for such uses.  Again, a sports car which only seats two isn’t going to have enough cargo space to haul enough groceries for your family of four, and on the flip side, an SUV with 68 sq ft. of cargo room might fit all the groceries, the whole family, your dog, and luggage for a week, but it may not fit in your garage.

By John Suit


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