Buying a Car, the Easy way; Step 2

Step 2: The Short List

This is an easy step.  It may involve visiting local dealerships and walking the lots to see which cars are even appealing to you.  You should also read reviews on this blog and go to the manufacturers’ web sites, to check their current product line-ups, which may give you different insights into who and what their cars are made for.  A review will give you information about a car which is pertinent to the reviewer, but may not be important to you.  Just concentrate on making sure that the cars on your list are in your price range and have the size, comfort and options you are looking for.  For example, if you have a family of four, and are replacing your aging mid-sized sedan, including two-seater sports cars in your Short List is not in your best interest.  While it may be fun to test drive, it definitely won’t (or shouldn’t) last very long once you start eliminating choices based on your priorities.

By John Suit


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