Video: NHTSA Distracted Driving PSA (w/Poll)

NHTSA PSA Video ScreengrabDistracted Driving is in my top three pet peeves behind the wheel, if my top pet peeve.  Accidents caused by distracted driving are so tragic, because they’re easily prevented.  For phones, Bluetooth connectivity helps quite a bit, and the prices have come down, so I’m curious as to why it hasn’t become commonplace, even when states like Maryland pass Distracted Driving laws making it illegal to use your phone without being hands-free.  Hopefully this new PSA by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) can start to curb the latest in in-car distractions.  Click through the jump to see the videos.

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Risky Business: Ford’s New 2015 F-150

15FordF150_02Ford has had pretty good success with its most recent new cars.  The redesigned Escape, Focus and Fusion have all gotten off to pretty good starts, with only a few recalls and issues to deal with.  Not bad considering that all three were new from the ground up, including the engines.  This year, Ford is releasing its new Mustang and F-150, both of which promise to raise the bars in their respective segments.  While the new Mustang’s styling and independent rear suspension may turn off some loyal Mustang buyers, the new aluminum F-150 is Ford’s gamble with what has been the top truck in America for almost 40 years and contributes to up to 30% of Ford’s profits year after year.  Continue reading to see why I think it’s a risky move, and what Ford has done to mitigate that risk.

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GM in Hot Water over Ignition Woes


2005 Chevrolet Cobalt

It’s a tough time to be General Motors.  The recently free-from-government-debt automaker is under the proverbial microscope after 31 accidents in its vehicles killed 13 people.  The problem?  Faulty ignition lock cylinders, which lead to a loss of control of the car.  Continue reading for details, a list of affected vehicles, and the NHTSA’s press release on the recall.

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Off Road: … and stuck!

Stuck F-150 DistanceWhen you own a 4WD vehicle, snow can become a fun thing, like being a kid again.  You look forward to driving in the snow, so long as the 2WD cars aren’t anywhere around to slide into you.  You boast about your two-speed transfer case and your off-road skid plates and tires.  Or, if you’re like me, you don’t quite look forward to driving in it, but know that you can go (almost) anywhere you need to, and can usually get yourself out of sticky situations.  Well, that is, if you know what’s underneath the snow.

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Owner’s Log: 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat (10/2013 – 1/2014)

OwnersLog2At just over 24,000 miles, my 2011 F-150 is 27 months old.  Just one more quarter, and it will be the longest I’ve ever kept a single vehicle.  In the mean time, it’s made itself invaluable, and been a trusty companion for road trips and foul weather.  Continue reading for the breakdown of what’s been a pretty exciting three months with my F-150.

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Owner’s Log: 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat (7/2013 – 10/2013)

OwnersLog2My 2011 F-150 is headed for my own personal record book.  It’s got the most miles I’ve put on a single vehicle since the year 2000, it’s the third-longest amount of time I’ve owned a single vehicle, and it continues to hold its place in my driveway.  It’s been two years since I purchased it, and it continues to be trouble-free and my go-to for any trip that doesn’t involve a mall parking lot.  Continue reading for the nitty-gritties.

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